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It’s a duel between two rivals in order to decide who will be the leader of all-new Avengers team in your home. Have you been ready to hold up your “sword”? Sound pretty cool? Let’s go on checking the Samurai Borg motion-controlled robot warriors.


We have introduced several mini RC cars controlled by your smartphone, but if you prefer robots, BeeWi’s Kick Bee Bluetooth mini robot may be able to draw your more attention.

BeeWi Kick Bee Bluetooth Mini Robot

We have featured a few nice app powered RC cars, but if you want smarter device, the following Romo remote control robot may be able to draw your more attention.

Romo Remote Control Robot Controlled by iOS Devices

BERO Bluetooth Remote Control Robot

September 10, 2012 | In: Toys

As a faithful fan of Android, you must have owned a set of collectible Android mini figures. But if you want to take control of Android droid, the following BERO Bluetooth remote control robot should be able to catch your eyes.

BERO Bluetooth Remote Control Robot

We have introduced several remote controlled vehicles by iOS and Android devices. But if you prefer various robots, the following iDroid RC robot should be able to draw your more attention.

iDroid RC Robot Controlled by iOS and Android Devices

Although there is no need to prove the practicality of LEGO bricks, yet the incredible LEGO RC robot hand brought us many delights.

LEGO RC Robot Hand with Exoskeletal Controller

Star Wars R2-D2 emerges in our world

I believe every fan of Star Wars has not forgotten the cute robot R2-D2. But I guess you might know who the predecessor of the D2-D2 is.