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After checking the sale info from Quirky, we temporarily decided to write the post, and telling you the nice deals during Cyber Monday. All the picked iPhone 5 cases have reduced the prices by 50%. There are several very nice options. We will also introduce these iPhone 5 cases in the near future, but now don’t miss the great deals.

Quirky 50% Off iPhone 5 Cases During Cyber Monday

We have introduced many practical portable chargers for various mobile devices, but if you prefer an eco-friendly way to charge your devices, Quirky Ray portable solar charger may be more suitable for you.

Quirky Ray Portable Solar Charger

Apparently not every one would like to take a tripod for a trip, but what will yo do when needing a tripod for a group picture? Ask someone a favor or use the camera case named Pose from Quirky.

Quirky Pose Camera Case Doubles As Camera Stand

Need a special stand to hold the iPad 2 in your car? Check out Stance from Quirky, the iPad 2 stand set should be able to meet your requirements.

Quirky Stance iPad 2 Stand Set

We featured many cable organizers for desktop, but if you prefer fresh products, let’s go on checking Quirky Cordlets cable organizer.

Quirky Cordlets Cable Organizer

We have various cable organizers to manage boring cables on the desk, but for the cables under the computer desk, Plug Hub should be more suitable.

Plug Hub Organizes the Tangled Cables under Computer Desk

In addition to iPad and iPhone, apparently we have other USB-powered gadgets like other tablet PC, MP3 player, and more. If you want a multi functional docking station for theses gadgets, let’s go on checking Quirky’s Converge.

Quirky Converge Docking Station for Your iPhone, iPad and More

As we know, light bulbs are used to illuminate, but if you wish it can also wake you up from bed, let’s go on checking Quirky Watt Time alarm clock.

Quirky Watt Time Alarm Clock