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Luminum iPhone 5 Case

November 29, 2012 | In: Apple Gadgets

As we had known, iPhone 5 features dual-tune design along with the combination of matte and glossy coating. But if you want more options, the following Luminum iPhone 5 case will be a nice solution.

Luminum iPhone 5 Case

Apparently Nokia Lumia 920 is a successful smartphone, and OtterBox has also released the latest Lumia 920 case based on their famous Defender Series. If you’re using the Windows phone, the protective case may be able to meet your requirements.

OtterBox Defender Series Nokia Lumia 920 Case

No doubt, iPhone 5 is powerful smartphone, but if you want it to do more things such as opening bottle or cutting your steak, the TaskOne multi-tool iPhone 5 case will help you.

TaskOne Multi-Tool iPhone 5 Case

Grove has also released its latest protective case for iPad mini. If you like the combination of bamboo and wool felt, let’s go on checking the sleeve styled iPad mini case.

Grove Wool Felt Sleeve Styled iPad Mini Case

Need an extreme protection system to take care of your precious iPhone 5? Take a look at PureGear’s PX360 iPhone 5 case set, it should be able to meet your requirements.

PureGear PX360 iPhone 5 Case Set

HEX Stealth iPhone 5 Case

November 25, 2012 | In: Apple Gadgets

We have introduced many nice wallet styled protective cases for iPhone 5. But if you just want to take one card along with your iPhone 5, HEX’s Stealth iPhone 5 case may be more suitable for you.

HEX Stealth iPhone 5 Case

Ballistic has unveiled its latest protective case for Samsung Galaxy Note 2. If you need a strong protection for the Android smartphone, the Shell Gel series Samsung Galaxy Note 2 case may be able meet your requirements.

Ballistic Shell Gel Series Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Case

Speck released several new limited edition protective cases for this holiday season. If you want to add some festival elements on your iPhone 5, the Holiday CandyShell iPhone 5 case may be able to catch your eyes.

Speck Holiday CandyShell iPhone 5 Case