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Want to change your old plastic case for iPhone 5/5s with a new design? Take a look at Castello Davarg’s Kanam5w iPhone 5s case, it may meet your style.

Castello Davarg Kanam5w iPhone 5s Case

YoBrush not only guards your iPhone 5/5s from shocks, but also keeps you looking good. Curious? Let’s go on checking the unique iPhone 5s case.

YoBrush iPhone 5s Case with Hairbrush

Want to turn your iPhone 5/5s into a filmmaking powerhouse for awesome cinematic videos? Take a look at iOgrapher iPhone 5s case, it may be a nice solution.

iOgrapher iPhone 5s Case Tunrs Your Device into Filmmaking Powerhouse

How to take your iPhone 5/5s underwater for awesome photos? Take a look at V-Lock ultimate waterproof iPhone 5s case, it may be a nice solution.

V-Lock Ultimate Waterproof iPhone 5s Case

Need a handy way to mount your iPhone 5/5s on smooth, glossy surfaces like mirror or windows? Take a look at goo.ey iPhone 5s case with adhesive back cover, it may be a nice solution.

Goo.ey iPhone 5s Case with Adhesive Back Cover

It’s a girl-friendly protective case for iPhone 5/5s. If you want to more conveniently fix your makeup, the Mia iPhone 5s case should be suitable for you.

The Mia Make Up iPhone 5s Case

LifeProof has released its latest waterproof case for Samsung Galaxy S5. Need a robust protection for the premium smartphone? Let’s go on checking the frē Galaxy S5 case.

LifeProof Frē Galaxy S5 Waterproof Case

The flexible straps can be a cable organizer, card holder, or a hand strap to bring you more features on your iPhone 5/5s. Curious? Let’s go on checking Felix’s HoldTight iPhone 5s case with customizable straps.

Felix HoldTight iPhone 5s Case with Customizable Straps