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Don’t want to waste too much phone power for sharing hotspot, but want to connect your iPad Air with the Internet? Take a look at FiiV, the iPad Air case with built-in SIM card slot may be a nice solution.


FiiV iPad Air Case with Built-in SIM Card Slot and Backup Battery


OtterBox has covered iPad mini 3 with their popular Defender productive case series. If you like the rugged and sleek design, let’s go on checking the new iPad mini 3 case.

OtterBox Defender Series iPad Mini 3 Case

Pad&Quill’s Bella Fino has covered Apple’s latest iPhone 6/6 Plus. Need a premium and fashionable way to protect your new iPhone? The leather iPhone 6 case should be up to the task.

Pad&Quill Bella Fino iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6 Cases

The sleeve styled protective case provides a sleek way to hold your iPad and other essentials. If you like the design, let’s go on checking Autumn’s felt iPad Air 2 case with two zippered pockets.

Autumn Felt iPad Air 2 Case with Two Zippered Pockets

We have seen many nice protective cases for iPhone 6/6 Plus, but if you prefer handmade gadgets or leather products, the following handmade leather iPhone 6 case may draw your more attention.

The Handmade Leather iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6 Cases

The protective case not only protects your iPhone 6, but also hold your three bank cards. Nice idea? Let’s go on checking Prodigee’s UnderCover iPhone 6 case with card tray.

Prodigee UnderCover iPhone 6 Case with Card Tray

Seidio’s OBEX protective case series has covered iPhone 6. Need a robust protection for your new phone? Let’s go on checking the waterproof iPhone 6 case.

Seidio OBEX Waterproof iPhone 6 Case

No doubt, your iPad Air 2 is a great productivity tool, but if you also like jotting down with your pan and paper, Booq’s latest Booqpad iPad Air 2 case with notepad may draw your more attention.

Booq Booqpad iPad Air 2 Case with Notepad