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We have seen all kinds of protective cases for iPhone 5/5s, but if you’re a fan of Attack on Titan, the following Attack on Titan Super Hard Blade iPhone 5s case should catch your more attention.

Attack on Titan Super Hard Blade iPhone 5s Case

Ultra-slim design plus leather exterior, the combination has caught our eyes. If you also like the design, let’s go on checking Pad&Quill’s Walden Collection iPad Air case.

Pad&Quill Walden Collection iPad Air Case

Want a fashionable and reliable protective case to guard your precious iPhone 5/5s? Have a look at LUNATIK’s SEISMIK iPhone 5s case, its charming color and patent-pending frame may be able to catch your eyes.


Gorgeous leather grain, exquisite tread plus practical functional, the handmade leather wallet iPad mini case has caught our eyes. Feel the same? Let’s go on checking.

The Handmade Leather Wallet iPad Mini Case

Need a suitable protective case to guard the gorgeous color of your iPhone 5c? Take a look at ZeroChroma’s Vortex iPhone 5c case, it may catch your eyes.

ZeroChroma Vortex iPhone 5c Case

Uncommon recently released its latest designer protective case series – Swissted. If you like these gorgeous combinations of typography and colors, let’s go on checking the Capsule Swissted iPhone 5s case.

Uncommon Capsule Swissted iPhone 5s Case

No doubt, Blizzard’s Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft is a great card game. If you’re a big fan of the video game, the Hearthstone iPhone 5s case may also catch your eyes.

Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft iPhone 5s Case

You can use an cable organizer to prevent your headphones from getting tangled, but if you use iPhone 5/5s, the following TurtleCell 101 iPhone 5s case with retractable headphones may also be a nice solution.

TurtleCell 101 iPhone 5s Case with Retractable Headphones