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You can use a power bank to charge your mobile devices with ease. But how to charge your laptop on the go? Take a look at GoPlug waterproof laptop backpack with backup battery and AC outlet, it should be a more suitable solution.

GoPlug Waterproof Laptop Backpack with Backup Battery and AC Outlet

We know your smartphone supports WiFi hotspot that allows other mobile device to access the Internet. But if you want your smartphone to stand by longer, the Radius backup battery with 4G LTE mobile broadband capable may be a more suitable solution.

Radius Backup Battery with 4G LTE Mobile Broadband Capable

The Big Turtle Shell not only lets you enjoy beautiful music, but also charge your smartphone. Sound pretty cool? Let’s go on checking the rugged, wireless Bluetooth speaker with power bank.

The Big Turtle Shell Bluetooth Speaker with Power Bank

Danbo, the cardboard box robot has received a new mission to charge your mobile devices on the go. Nice ides? Let’s go on checking the Danbo robot inspired backup battery.

Robot Danbo Inspired Backup Battery

Sorry, the ice-cream doesn’t fit for your mouth, but it must perfectly meet your smartphone’s taste. If you’re curious, let’s go on checking the Disney character ice cream backup battery.

Disney Character Ice Cream Backup Battery

We have seen many nice ultra-portable power banks, but if you focus on high speed charging, the following LithiumCard portable charger may be more suitable for you.

LithiumCard High Speed Portable Charger

It’s not a can of soft drink for you, but your smartphone must like the special drink. Why? Let’s go on checking the COI+ Power Mini Can backup battery.

COI+ Power Mini Can Backup Battery

We featured a tiny power bank that can be attached to your keychain. But if you need a relatedly large battery capacity, the TravelCard credit card-sized backup battery may be more suitable for you.

TravelCard A Credit Card-Sized Backup Battery