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The Hydra SmartBottle Water Bottle Boasts Built-in Bluetooth Speaker, Power Bank and More

Don’t be fooled by its appearance, it’s not only a water bottle, but a travel essential with built-in Bluetooth speaker, power bank and other functions. Like the versatile design? Let’s keep going for Hydra SmartBottle.

Hydra SmartBottle Water Bottle with Bluetooth Speaker, Power Bank and More


Warcraft Doomhammer Power Bank

The relic comes from Draenor, the homeworld of the Orc in the universe of Warcraft, but now you can use its power to charge your mobile devices. Cool? Let’s keep going for the Doomhammer power bank.

Warcraft Doomhammer Power Bank


Warcraft Alliance and Horde Power Banks

No doubt, the two Warcraft power banks are able to clearly state your position between Alliance and Horde, and both of them have enough energy to charge your mobile devices when you’re on the move.

Warcraft Horde Power Bank


The i.dime iPhone Case Boasts a Magnetic Storage Device

We have seen many practical flash drives that work with iOS devices, but if you want a more portable solution, the i.dime iPhone case and a detachable external storage device should be more suitable for you.

The i.dime iPhone Case Shows off a Detachable Magnetic Storage Device


Nomad Slim Wallet Boasts Integrated Power Bank and Lightning Cable

We featured Nomad’s bi-fold wallet last year. Now its slim version of the leather wallet has been available. Using integrated power bank and Lightning cable, the slim wallet offers mobile energy for your iPhone.

Nomad Slim Wallet with Power Bank and Lightning Cable


The 1000 Lumen LED Lantern Flashlight Boasts 4000mAh Power Bank and 360-Degree Bike Mount

The 1000 lumen LED camping lantern not only illuminates your tent, but also offers mobile energy for your mobile devices, and 360-degree bike mount allows it to light your path on the road.

The LED Lantern Flashlight with Power Bank and Bike Mount


The BULLET2.0 Bluetooth Earbuds with a 2100mAh Charging Case

Using the BULLET2.0 Bluetooth earbuds, you enjoy your favorite music, answer calls, and an included 2100mAh charging case acts as a power bank for your mobile devices. Like the versatile design? Let’s keep going.

BULLET2.0 Bluetooth Earbuds with Charging Case



OtterBox uniVERSE Modular iPhone 6s/6s Case Works with Olloclip Lens Kit, PolarPro Power Bank, Bluetooth Speaker and More

OtterBox has released uniVERSE, a modular iPhone 6s/6s Plus case, and multiple modules have also been available including olloclip’s 4-in-1 lens kit, Square’s contactless & chip reader, PolarPro power bank, Bluetooth speaker and more.

OtterBox uniVERSE Modular iPhone 6s/6s Case