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As a faithful fan of Portal video game series, you must have owned many Portal inspired gadgets, but if you want to know Portal gun‘s structure, the following schematic poster should be able to catch your eyes.

Portal Gun Schematic Poster

We have featured two full-sized portal guns, but if you prefer some mini gadgets, the following miniature Portal 2 Portal gun replica may be able to draw your more attention.

Portal 2 Portal Gun Miniature Replica

We have featured two exquisite Portal gun replicas, but if you prefer customizable gadgets, the following customizable handheld Portal gun replica may be more suitable for you.

The Customizable Handheld Portal Gun Replica

Which robotic character in Portal 2 is your favorite, Atlas or P-body? If you prefer squatty Atlas, the following Atlas Portal gun may be able to catch your eyes.

Portal 2 Atlas Portal Gun Replica

You can directly purchase a P-body Portal gun replica on the Internet. Of course, if you wish, you can also following the crafter’s steps, and making your own Portal Gun by yourself.

Make Your Own Portal Gun

A lost Portal gun has been found in Super Street Fighter II, but it seems Guile wouldn’t like to return it to Aperture Science. If you’re curious, let’s go on checking what had happened in the universe of Super Street Fighter II with Portal gun.

Portal Gun In Super Street Fighter II

We have featured a few nice Portal inspired little gadgets, but if you’re still feel not good enough, maybe the following limited edition P-body Portal gun replica.

P-body Portal Gun Replica

We have featured many Portal inspired gadgets and steampunk creations. Now the two themes have been integrated into the steampunk Aperture Portal gun. If you’re curios, let’s go on checking.

Steampunk Aperture Portal Gun