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Nimbus Portable LED Lamp

January 21, 2015 | In: Cool Gadgets

Do you need some soft and bright illumination when you work with your laptop, or need enhanced light for shooting in low light conditions? Take a look at Nimbus, the portable LED lamp may be suitable for you.

Nimbus Portable LED Lamp

Apparently it’s not easy to hang your table lamp from the ceiling at home, but if you want, the following Lumio portable lamp should be a nice option.

Lumio Multi Purpose Portable Lamp

Quirky Mantis LED Lamp

February 21, 2011 | In: Cool Gadgets

Like fiddling with your computer frequently? Apparently you need a nice portable LED lamp such as the following Quirky Mantis.

Quirky Mantis LED Lamp

For many people, portable study lamp and power strap are necessary gadgets. If you want a lamp integrated both of functions, Quirky’s Ember may be suitable for you.

Quirky Ember Portable Study Lamp with USB Ports and Power Outlets

We’re glad to see this wonderful design concept, but it’s a pity that the foldable solar portable lamp is still at the prototype stage.

Foldable Solar Powered Portable Lamp by Jesper Jonsson