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What is a rider friendly charger? At first, you can easily install it onto your bike, second, it can provide energy via pedaling. If you think so, the Ride-a-long portable charger should be a nice option.

The Ride-a-long Pedal Powered Portable Charger

There are lots of portable chargers in the market for our mobile devices, but if you need more energy for more devices, the Lifepower A2 AC power bank may be a better fit for you.

Lifepower A2 Portable AC Power Bank Not Only for Your Mobile Devices

The Nintendo Famicom “controller” can’t be used to play your favorite retro video games, but it’s a nice companion for your smartphone. Curious? Let’s go for the Famicom inspired power bank with card reader.

Retro Nintendo Famicom Controller Power Bank with Card Reader

Looking for a nice Valentine’s Day gift foe your girlfriend? If she’s a fan of Hello Kitty, the following Hello Kitty glowing power bank may be suitable for you.

Hello Kitty Glowing Power Bank

There is no battery pack in the power bank, but kraftwerk ensures to provide enough energy for your mobile devices when you’re on the go. Curious? Let’s go on checking the LPG gas powered portable charger.

Kraftwerk LPG Gas Powered Portable Charger

Ultra slim design, large battery capacity and integrated LED flashlight, if these features can catch your eyes, let’s go on checking the ThumbsUp dual power bank.

ThumbsUp Dual Power Bank with LED Flashlight

It’s not only a portable charger, but also a Bluetooth gamepad for your iPhone or iPad. If you like the combination, let’s go on checking the following iPac-Man.

iPac-Man Portable Charger and Bluetooth Gamepad for iPhone and iPad

The power bank not only charges your smartphone, but also keep your important files along with you. If you like the idea, let’s go on checking the Keycharge portable charger with built-in USB flash drive.

The Keycharge Portable Charger with Built-in USB Flash Drive