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Bioo Lite Plant Pot Charges Your Smartphone with Electricity from Plant’s Photosynthesis

Everyone know what we can do with a plant pot, but can you imagine that the Bioo Lite plant pot can charge your smartphone with electricity from plant’s photosynthesis? Sounds cool? Let’s keep going.

Bioo Lite Plant Pot with USB Charger


Handmade Star War Millennium Falcon Concrete Planter

Compared with Galactic Empire, you have a preference on the style of Rebel Alliance? Then the handmade Star Wars Millennium Falcon concrete planter should draw your more attention than the Death Star planter.

Handmade Star War Millennium Falcon Concrete Planter


The Handmade Star Wars Death Star Concrete Planter

The Death Star from Star Wars has no enough power to destroy your house, and it’s plant-friendly because the handmade Death Star concrete planter is designed to hold your favorite little plant.

Handmade Star Wars Death Star Concrete Planter


Eden Suction Planter Can be Attached to Windows, Tiles and Any Smooth Flat Surface

Forget those regular planters that can only placed on the windowsills or ground. The Eden suction planter allows you to plant your favorite plant on the wall, Windows, tiles and any smooth flat surface.

Eden Suction Planter Works with Windows, Tiles and Any Smooth Flat Surface


SelfEco Compostable Garden Pot Provides Nutrition for Your Plants

With its built-in plant food, SelfEco garden pot provides constant nutrition for your plants, and the plant pot is compostable, so you won’t worry about it destroying the environment.

SelfEco Compostable Garden Pot Offers Constant Nutrition for Your Plants


Handmade Concrete Planters Inspired by Vintage Cameras

With the unique vintage camera inspired looks, the handmade concrete planters not only add some natural feelings in your room, but also bring a sense of nostalgia. Sounds cool? Let’s keep going.

Handmade Vintage Cameras Inspired Concrete Planters


GROWW is a 3D Printed Minimal Greenhouse

The GROWW 3D printed minimal greenhouse provides you an elegant way to display your favorite plant’s growth process on your desk. Like the idea? Let’s keep going.

GROWW 3D Printed Minimal Greenhouse



The Handmade Stoneware Docking Station Works As a Flower Pot

The handmade stoneware docking station delivers a perfect combination of nature and high tech. It allows to not only charge your smartphone, but also display your favorite plant with its integrated flower pot.

The Handmade stoneware Docking Station with Integrated Flower Pot


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