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The hand is die-cut using a real woman’s hand as a mold, so the Hamee Dokkiri hand figure phone stand provides a soft way to hold your smartphone. Of course, it’s also a nice tool to play jokes on your friends.

Hamee Dokkiri Hand Figure Phone Stand

The iRing not only a universal phone stand, but also a comfortable grip, with included hook, you even can fix your phone on the dashboard. Nice idea? Let’s go on reading.

iRing Phone Stand and Grip

Cup holder, phone stand. cable organizer have been put together. If you like the all-in-one design, let’s go on checking the handmade wooden desk organizer.

The Handmade Wooden Desk Organizer with Phone Stand and Cup Holder

The two cute hands can’t hold too many things except your smartphone and tablet. If you like the simple and interesting design, let’s go on checking thr following OK Stand.

OK Stand Smartphone & Tablet Stand

Need an ultra portable stand to hold your smartphone for selfies, time lapses or slo-mo video at any time? Take a look at MOS Kick, the phone stand with multiple other tools may be a nice solution.

MOS Kick Phone Stand with Bottle Opener and Flat Head Screwdriver

The Bunker Ring Phone Stand

November 6, 2014 | In: Cool Gadgets

Not every protective case features an integrated phone stand, but if you want one, you may like to attach the Bunker Ring phone stand on the back of your smartphone.

The Bunker Ring Phone Stand

Need a sturdy kickstand to hold your iPhone 6 for amazing time lapse video? Take a look at Mini Tripod Y, the portable phone stand may be a nice solution.

The Mini Tripod Y Phone Stand for Smartphones and Tablets

With the power bank, you can not only charge your smartphone, but also make it upright for comfortable viewing. If you like the idea, let’s go on checking PowerSkin’s PowerStand power pack with phone stand.

PowerSkin PowerStand Power Bank with Phone Stand