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How to discreetly capture photos or observe your surroundings with your smartphone? Take a look at Spy Cam Peek-I, the phone camera adapter should be a nice solution.

Spy Cam Peek-I for Your Phone Camera

Want several physical camera filters to create awesome photo effects instead of virtual photo apps? Take a look at Jelly phone camera filters, the lens kit may be able to catch your eyes.

Jelly Phone Camera Filters

You can use your smartphone’s camera to capture wonderful moments, but if you want more flexibly use the phone camera, the magnet mount periscope lens may be a nice solution.

Magnet Mount Periscope Lens for Smartphones

You can use the rear camera of your iPhone or Galaxy S3 to capture amazing photos, but if you want a more tactile experience, the following snappgrip phone camera control should be able to catch your eyes.

Snappgrip Phone Camera Control for iPhone and Galaxy S3