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Pac-Man Themed Hoodie

This is an internal battle between Pac-Man and those ghosts, now the battlefield has moved into fashion. If you’re curious, let’s go on checking the Pac-Man themed hoodie.

Awesome Wood Pac-Man Table

We introduced a handmade table inspired by the ghost in the universe of Pac-Man. But if you want to see the whole battlefield between Pacman and the Ghosts, the …


Pacman Ghost Styled Poncho

Want to disguise yourself as a Ghost from the classic arcade game Pacman in rain, and waiting for the chase of Pacman. Sound a bit crazy, but the retro …

Fan-Made Pacman Short Film

We just know to enjoy the classic arcade game, while some faithful fans have discovered more secrets behind the pixelated character Pacman, and released a short film about Pacman. …

Pacman iPhone 4 Case

As a faithful fan of Pacman, you must have owned Pacman iPhone game. But if you want to show your love to the classic arcade game in an open …

Pacman Plush Hat

We had been surprised by many interesting Pacman inspired gadgets. But the Pacman plush hat has totally conquered us. If you want to disguise yourself as a Pacman, let’s …


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