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Apparently the oversized game controller isn’t designed for your old-school game console, but it provides a pretty cool way to enjoy your favorite coffee. Sound great? Let’s go on checking the handmade NES controller coffee table.

The Handmade NES Controller Coffee Table

We introduced lots of exquisite cufflinks, but if you’re a faithful fan of NES games, the following NES controller inspired cufflinks may be able to draw your more attention.

NES Controller Inspired Cufflinks

Want to turn your iPhone 5 into a retro gadget like Gameboy, NES controller and more? Apparently the following Flashbacks old school iPhone 5 case will help you.

Flashbacks Old School iPhone 5 Case

We featured lots of awesome LEGO creations, but if you like those retro video game from NES, the giant workable LEGO NES controller should be able to draw your more attention.

Giant Workable LEGO NES Controller

We have introduced many game controller inspired gadgets, but if you want to make something by yourself, the NES controller styled wireless mouse may be more suitable for you.

NES Controller Styled Wireless Mouse

It’s a little pity you can use the retro game controller to play those classic video games, but the NES controller USB flash drive will offer you a unique way to store your digital content.

NES Controller USB Flash Drive

Sorry, you can’t use the NES controller to play your favorite retro games, but if you need to charge or sync your iPhone 5, the NES controller docking station will help you.

NES Controller Docking Station for iPhone 5

No doubt, it’s one of the most classic game controller. If you’re still a faithful fan of the retro game console, the following NES controller art print set should be able to catch your eyes.

NES Controller Art Print Set