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The Personalized Multi-Tool with 10 Integrated Tools

Using 10 integrated tools, the multi-tool has the ability to help you deal with some situations in a pinch, and you can make it personalized by adding your own text.

Personalized Multi-Tool


The ArtiArt ArtiCard Pocket Multi-Tool Ready to Serve You During Meals

Using multi integrated tools, the ArtiArt’s ArtiCard pocket multi-tool has been ready to serve you during meals. Sounds cool? Let’s keep checking.

ArtiArt ArtiCard Pocket Multi-Tool


Leatherman Mako Ti Bike Multi-Tool with Bottle Opener, Wrenches and More

Using integrated bottle opener, wrenches and driver bits, Leatherman’s Mako Ti bike multi-tool helps you deal with some emergencies during cycling. Need these tool? Let’s keep going.

Leatherman Mako Ti Bike Multi-Tool


EvadeClip Multi-Tool Boasts Two Saws and Lock-Pick Set

Using two compact saws and a lock-pick set, the EvadeClip multi-tool helps you deal with some emergent situations, and tiny design allows you to take it with you anywhere.

EvadeClip Multi-Tool with Two Saws and Lock-Pick Set


Leatherman TreadLinks Watch Adapter Makes Tread Bracelet Multi-Tool Work with Your Apple Watch

No everyone would like to wear both wristwatch and Leatherman’s Tread multi-tool bracelet on the wrists, so TreadLinks watch adapter has born, which makes the bracelet work with your own wristwatch.

Leatherman TreadLinks Watch Adapter Makes Tread Multi-Tool Work with Apple Watch


The Lever Gear Toolcard is a 40-In-1 Multi-Tool That Fits in Your Wallet

Similar with other multi-tools, the Lever Gear Toolcard fits in your wallet, but the multi-tool can deliver you 40 practical tools. Sounds cool? Let’s keep viewing.

Lever Gear Toolcard Credit Card Sized 40-In-1 Multi-Tool


SOG MacV Tool Skull Multi-Tool Boasts 12 Tools

SOG recently released multiple new tools and knives, but if you want to put some tools in your wallet, the new MacV Tool skull multi-tool with 12 tools should be more suitable for you.

SOG MacV Tool Skull Multi-Tool



The Skull Stainless Steel Multi-Tool Delivers Multiple Practical Tools

We’re not sure whether the Punisher uses it as a weapon, but using its multiple practical tools, the skull stainless steel multi-tool can help you deal with many emergent situations.

Skull Stainless Steel Multi-Tool


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