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It’s not only a wired mouse for your computer, but also a mini camera that allows you to take pictures. If you’re curious, let’s go on checking King Jim’s Camera Mouse.

King Jim Computer Mouse with Built-In Camera

We’re not sure whether the chunk of cheese can attract a mouse, but if you want a cute way to capture interesting moments, the Chobi Cam Cheese mini camera will help you.

Chobi Cam Cheese Mini Camera

Need a handy way way to record those interesting events in your daily life? Take a look at ParaShoot 2.1, the customizable, wearable HD mini camera may be able to meet your requirements.

ParaShoot 2.1 Customizable, Wearable HD Mini Camera

Day Tripper 8mm Camera

March 22, 2013 | In: Digital Camera

We have introduced many mini cameras, but if you prefer those retro camera, the following Day Tripper 8mm camera may be able to draw your more attention.

Day Tripper 8mm Camera

Sorry, the unique donut can’t feed your stomach, but if you want to capture amazing moments in a fun way, the chocolate donut shaped mini camera will help you.

Chocolate Donut Shaped Mini Camera

We have featured a few nice tiny cameras, but if you need an option with LED flash, apparently the follows mini camera with LED flash shield be more suitable for you.

The Mini Camera with LED Flash

You can use your smartphone to capture wonderful moment, but if you prefer low-profile style, the following You-Vision HD video glasses may be more suitable for you.

You-Vision HD Video Glasses

We have introduced many nice tiny cameras, but if you need night vision function, the following Chobi Cam Pro 2 mini camera may be more suitable for you.

Chobi Cam Pro 2 Mini Camera with Night Vision