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HTC has announced RE Camera, their latest compact action camera. If you’re curious, let’s go on checking its new features in the unique inhaler-like mini camera.

HTC RE Camera Announced

Polaroid has released Cube, its latest action camera. Need a handy and fresh way to record videos and snap pictures no matter where you’re? The mini camera may be a nice idea.

Polaroid Cube Action Camera

Need a more convenient way to record those wonderful moments in your daily life and share them with your family and friends? Take a look at CA7CH’s Lightbox, the wearable camera may be suitable for you.

CA7CH Lightbox App-Enabled Wearable Camera

Smartphone provides many ways to record our daily life such as various apps and rear and front-facing cameras, but if you need a more handy option, the Narrative Clip wearable camera may also be a nice solution.

Narrative Clip Wearable Camera

Logitech silently launched its latest mini camera – bemo. Need a handy way to record every wonderful event and don’t consume the power of your iPhone? The video camera may suit for you.

Logitech Bemo Social Video Camera Launched

It’s not only a wired mouse for your computer, but also a mini camera that allows you to take pictures. If you’re curious, let’s go on checking King Jim’s Camera Mouse.

King Jim Computer Mouse with Built-In Camera

We’re not sure whether the chunk of cheese can attract a mouse, but if you want a cute way to capture interesting moments, the Chobi Cam Cheese mini camera will help you.

Chobi Cam Cheese Mini Camera

Need a handy way way to record those interesting events in your daily life? Take a look at ParaShoot 2.1, the customizable, wearable HD mini camera may be able to meet your requirements.

ParaShoot 2.1 Customizable, Wearable HD Mini Camera