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Many people have own both MacBook and iPad. Does your laptop bag fit for the two devices? If not, you may like to check booq Cobra slim laptop messenger bag.

Booq Cobra Slim Laptop Messenger Bag

Whatever you’re an amateur or professional photographer, in addition to a DSLR camera, you still need to carry some accessories. So the Union Street camera and laptop messenger bag by ONA Designs may be useful for you.

Union Street Camera and Laptop Canvas Messenger Bag

Have you still remembered DODOcase, that hardcover styled iPad case? Now DODOcase released its iPad messenger bag: DODObag.

DODObag iPad Messenger Bag

Haven’t you pick up your favorite iPad messenger bag from our numerous iPad gadgets? Don’t worry, here is another elegant iPad messenger by booq. Maybe you’ll like it.

Booq Cobra Courier iPad Messenger Bag

Hey, every StarCraft 2 Zerg-controllers, the good news for you, Razer unveiled its newest StarCraft 2 messenger bag Zerg edition. You’ll want to go to play with it.

Razer Star Wars 2 Messenger Bag Zerg Edition

No doubt, Knomo has numerous well-designed and premium cases and bags. For those iPad users, the 10-inch iPad-friendly Bungo netbook messenger bag should be more practical.

iPad-Friendly Knomo Bungo Netbook Messenger Bag

Are you looking for a suitable iPad messenger bag for a wonderful summer vocation with you iPad? Well, we found one by Brenthaven. If you’re interested, go on reading.

Brenthaven Switch iPad Messenger Bag

No doubt, a dedicated messenger bag can give the precious iPad more protection, and make you more conveniently carry your iPad. The following hip bag is yet another messenger-style bag designed for iPad.

Messenger-Style iPad Hip Bag