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Thief Thwarting Messenger Bag

September 25, 2012 | In: Cool Gadgets

Need a more secure bag to take your important items and cash? Take a look at the thief thwarting messenger bag, maybe it can meet your requirements.

Thief Thwarting Messenger Bag

We have introduce several nice Mass Effect inspired gadgets, while the latest finding is the following Razer Mass Effect 3 messenger bag. If you’re a big fan of Mass Effect video game series, let’s go on checking.

Razer Mass Effect 3 Messenger Bag

Many accessories need to take also including your new iPad during your trip? Take a look at Kato Tactical iPad messenger bag, maybe it can meet your requirements.

Kato Tactical iPad Messenger Bag

Need a stylish way to take your new iPad and other essentials on the go? Take look at Vaja’s messenger bag, maybe it’s able to catch your eyes.

Vaja Messenger Bag

Moleskine Messenger Bag

April 25, 2012 | In: Cool Gadgets

We have featured many practical messenger bags. Of course, if you’re a fan of Moleskine, the following Moleskine messenger bag should be able to catch your more attention.

Moleskine Messenger Bag

No doubt, a messenger bag is large enough to hold your iPhone 4 or 4S. But if you want a more convenient way to take it out from your bag, the following X-Style messenger bag with iPhone 4 case.

X-Style Messenger Bag with iPhone 4 Case

Recently Incase released a new bag collection including two backpacks and two messenger bags. If you’re looking for a suitable bag to take your laptop and other items, let’s go on checking one of them Range Messenger.

Incase Range Messenger Bag

We have introduced a few nice iPad bags for original iPad and iPad 2. But if you need a bag to hold your both laptop and iPad, and use them conveniently, HEX Varsity messenger bag may be more suitable for you.

HEX Varsity Messenger Bag for iPad