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Marvel Stark Industrial Messenger Backpack with Light-up Arc Reactor

Did you know Iron Man also used the arc reactor equipped backpack? Want to be like him? Let’s go on for Marvel Stark Industrial messenger backpack.

Iron Man Inspired Messenger Backpack with Light-up Arc Reactor


The Handmade Leather Messenger Bag Boasts Retro Metropolitan Fashion

We have seen many stylish and practical bags, but if you have a preference for retro metropolitan fashion or urban style, the following handmade leather messenger bag may draw your more attention.

Handmade Retro Leather Messenger Bag


The 48Hr Classic Expandable Briefcase Works as Messenger Bag, Backpack and DSRL Camera Bag

Almost all functions for carrying your essentials have been packed in the 48Hr Classic expendable briefcase. Whether for commute, travel or photography, the multifunctional leather bag may be a nice idea.

The 48Hr Classic Briefcase Works as Messenger Bag, Backpack and Camera Bag


Star Trek TNG Uniform Inspired Messenger Bag

You may have owned a TNG uniform hoodie, but also don’t forget to prepare a matching bag to hold your daily essentials such as the following Star Trek TNG uniform inspired messenger bag.

Star Trek TNG Uniform Messenger Bag


Booq Shadow Messenger Bag Holds Your MacBook and Essentials in Style

Booq recently released their latest messenger bag – Shadow. With its unique profile and sleek design, the bag holds your MacBook and daily essentials in style.

Booq Shadow Messenger Bag


General Issue Survival Fallout Vault-Tec Messenger Bag

Need a matching bag to hold all your survival tools that can be used in unpredictable post apocalyptic world? Take a look at General Issue Survival Vault-Tec messenger bag, it’s designed for those who have been ready to immerse in the world of Fallout 4.

General Issue Survival Fallout Vault-Tec Messenger Bag


The Everyday Messenger Bag Doubles As a DSLR Camera Bag

With its foldable dividers, the Everyday Messenger not only holds your everyday essentials, but also doubles as a stylish DSLR camera bag lets you take all your photography gear.

The Everyday Messenger Bag Is Also a DSLR Camera Bag



The Nautical Camera Bag for Fashionable Photographers

The camera bag not only holds your DSLR camera, but also serves as a messenger bag for your essentials, and leather exterior and nautical stripes deliver a fashion statement.

Fashionable Nautical Leather Camera Bag