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There are various Gundam models in the market, but if you prefer assembling something by yourself, the following metallic nano puzzle Mobile Suit Gundam model may be more suitable for you.

Metallic Nano Puzzle Mobile Suit Gundam Model

The mecha from Titanfall has been ready to conquer your showcase. Give him the chance? Let’s go on checking the Play Arts Kai Atlas action figure with pilot.

Play Arts Kai Titanfall Atlas Action Figure with Pilot

It’s a little pity, there is no transmission system in the huge mecha built with old truck, but the pretty cool body has caught our eyes. If you feel the same, let’s go on checking the awesome mecha.

The Huge Mecha Built with Old Truck

We’re living in a time full of high-tech products so Santa Claus has decided to replace his deers the traditional distributor with the following LEGO mecha. If you’re curious, let’s go on checking.

Santa Claus and His New LEGO Mecha