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Apparently you can’t use the over-sized LEGO brick on your LEGO creations, but if you need a fun way to take your lunchtime essentials, the LEGO lunch box may catch your eyes.

LEGO Brick Shaped Lunch Box

Want to know how Doctor Who enjoys his lunch during time travel? The following Doctor Who special edition lunch box with coasters and thermos should be an ideal answer.

Doctor Who Lunch Box with Coasters & Thermos

We introduced a practical lunch box warmer a week ago. But if you need a higher temperature, the following Thanko super slim lunch box USB warmer may be more suitable for you.

Thanko Super Slim USB Lunch Box Warmer

USB Lunch Box Warmer

October 21, 2011 | In: USB Gadgets

Apparently not every one has a microwave oven in the office. So if you want to conveniently heat your lunch, the USB lunch box warmer should be able to help you.

USB Lunch Box Warmer

Apparently you can’t use the retro NES game console to enjoy those classical video games, but the unique lunch box can help you hold your delicious food.

Retro NES Game Console Lunch Box

Unfortunately we can’t travel through time in Doctor Who’s TARDIS, but our lunch in the Tardis can travel from home to school or office. Let’s go on checking the Doctor Who TARDIS lunch box.

Doctor Who TARDIS Lunch Box

No doubt, this tin lunch box can absolutely whet our appetites. Of course, we hope its contents will be much better than the sandwich.

Sandwich Shaped Tin Lunch Box