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LEGO has announced its latest UCS Dark Knight Tumbler set. If you’re a faithful fan of Batman, the LEGO set should perfectly meet your taste.

LEGO UCS Dark Knight Tumbler Set Announced

Like many of us, those powerful superheroes and famous pop culture characters also like resting on the sofa. Curious? Let’s go on checking the LEGO superheroes and their favorite couches.

LEGO Superheroes and Their Favorite Couches

How to keep your vigorous creativity on LEGO bricks? In addition to a LEGO inspired mug, the following LEGO minifigure head shaped wall clock may also be a nice idea.

LEGO Minifigure Head Shaped Wall Clock

We have featured several The Legend of Zelda inspired mood lights, but if you’re a fan of LEGO, the following lamp built with LEGO bricks should be able to draw your more attention.

The Legend of Zelda Inspired Lamp Built with LEGO Bricks

It’s not only a storage box, but also a creativity platform. If you like building something with LEGO bricks, the Cubie storage box with six brick baseplates may catch your eyes.

Cubie Storage Box with Six Brick Baseplates

Ghostbusters HQ LEGO Set

June 21, 2014 | In: Toys

LEGO will officially release Ghostbusters set featuring four iconic characters and their iconic vehicle from the 1984 movie, but it seems they have forgotten something, the firehouse, their home base, so let’s go on checking the Ghostbusters HQ LEGO set.

Ghostbusters HQ LEGO Set

Apparently you can’t use these LEGO handheld game consoles to play those classic video games, but if you bring some old-school style in your showcase, the LEGO creations should be able to inspire you.

Pretty Cool LEGO Handheld Game Consoles

We have seen many practical cable organizers, but if you’re a big fan of LEGO, you would like to make your own cable organizer with LEGO bricks.

Make Your Own LEGO Cable Organizer