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The Back to the Future Minimal LEGO DeLorean Can be Loaded in the Doc Brown’s Van

Compared with official LEGO 21103 DeLorean LEGO set, I have a preference for the minimal LEGO DeLorean because it can be loaded in the Doc Brown’s 1984 GMC Value Van. Of course, the minimal van is also built with LEGO bricks.

The Back to the Future Minimal LEGO DeLorean and Doc Brown's Van


The Old-School 1980 Arcade Machines Built With LEGO Bricks

Apparently you can’t use these minimal arcade machines to enjoy those classic arcade games, but no doubt, the old-school 1980 arcade machines built with LEGO bricks will add much nostalgic atmosphere in your showcase.

Old-School LEGO Arcade Machines


The Transformable LEGO Optimus Prime Stands 50cm Tall

It seems the leader of Autobots has gotten a LEGO treatment. Although it’s built with LEGO bricks, the feature of Transformers works normally on the Optimus Prime’s plastic body.

Transformable LEGO Optimus Prime


Rubrick Cube is a Fully Functional LEGO Rubik’s Cube

The Rubik’s Cube is built with your LEGO bricks. Most importantly, the Rubrick Cube is fully functional, which brings you more fun combined with puzzles and creativity.

Rubrick LEGO Rubik's Cube


McDonald’s Fast Food Restaurant LEGO Set

Want to open a fast food restaurant? Take a look at the McDonald’s fast food restaurant LEGO set, it will make your dream come true with ease.

McDonald's Fast Food Restaurant LEGO Set


The Indominus Rex in Jurassic World Built with LEGO Bricks Instead of Genetic Modification

The Indominus Rex from Jurassic World is built with LEGO bricks instead of the creation of genetic modification, so you won’t worry about it destroying your backyard.

Jurassic World Indominus Rex LEGO Set


Spaceballs Eagle 5 LEGO Set

Have you been ready to build your own Eagle 5 spaceship with your favorite LEGO bricks? Let’s go on for the Spaceballs Eagle 5 LEGO set.

Spaceballs Eagle 5 Spaceship LEGO Set



The Hobbit Rivendell LEGO Set

Could you imagine how pretty cool it was if you would recreate the classic scene from The Hobbit with your favorite LEGO bricks? Like the idea? Let’s go for The Hobbit Rivendell LEGO set.

The Hobbit Rivendell LEGO Set


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