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Has Soundwave modified himself as a Gameboy or is he an all-new member of Deceptions? Anyway, both are amazing ideas. Curious? Let’s go on checking the transforming LEGO Gameboy Advance.

The LEGO Gameboy Advance Look Like Soundwave

It’s a great project for the fans of Doctor Who and LEGO bricks. If you like the blend of the two themes, let’s go on checking the Doctor Who and Companions LEGO set.

Doctor Who and Companions LEGO Set

You can use your LEGO bricks to build a casing for your computer. Of course, also don’t forget to create a fully functional LEGO computer keyboard as a matching input device just like the following one.

A Fully Functional Computer Keyboard Built with LEGO Bricks

Like using your LEGO bricks to build various models? If you’re a fan of Doctor Who, the TARDIS LEGO building kit may be able to catch your eyes.

Doctor Who TARDIS LEGO Building Kit

LEGO has teamed up with COL+ and released a customizable backup battery – Power Brick. If you like creating awesome models with LEGO bricks, the power bank should be able to catch your eyes.

COL+ LEGO Power Brick Customizable Backup Battery

Google has teamed up with LEGO to release Build with Chrome. Now you can build all kinds of LEGO creations via Google Chrome on your computer. If you’re curious, let’s go on checking.

Chrome + LEGO = Build with Chrome

LEGO has announced a new LEGO set inspired by The Simpsons, the iconic TV series. If you’re a big fan of LEGO bricks and The Simpsons, don’t miss the LEGO construction set with LEGO minifigures.

The Simpsons House LEGO Set Announced

It’s a perfect companion for those who love iPad and LEGO bricks. If you’re curious, let’s go on checking the LEGO Apple Macintosh iPad stand.

LEGO Apple Macintosh iPad Stand