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The mini R2-D2 has accepted a new mission to watch out your cooking projects. Curious? Let’s go on checking the Star Wars R2-D2 kitchen timer.


Star Wars R2-D2 Kitchen Timer

You’d better tell your mother it’s not a bomb if you wanted to set it up in the kitchen. If you’re curious, let’s go on checking the bomb shaped kitchen timer.

The Bomb Shaped Kitchen Timer

Need an accurate timer to help you cook delicious food? Take a look at Cascade, the kitchen timer with clock should be able to catch your eyes.

Cascade Kitchen Timer with Clock

We have featured some pretty cool timers, but if you like those old-school gadgets, the following vintage streamline kitchen timer may be able to draw your more attention.

The Vintage Streamline Kitchen Timer

You can use your smartphone as a practical timer, but if you want to add some creativity into your space, the owl shaped kitchen timer may be more suitable for you.

The Owl Shaped Kitchen Timer

Which kind of soup from Campell’s is your favorite? No matter which you like, the following Campbell’s soup can shaped kitchen timer may be able to catch your eyes.

Campbell's Soup Can Shaped Kitchen Timer

Apparently you can’t attach the special camera lens on your DSLR camera for some awesome photographs, but if you want to get a reminder for your delicious food, the f/60 camera lens shaped kitchen timer will help you.

The Camera Lens Shaped Kitchen Timer