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We have featured a few pretty awesome steampunk keyboards, but if you want to make your own steampunk keyboard, the following one should bring your some inspiration.

Make Your Own Steampunk Keyboard

Need a portable computer keyboard, but don’t want keypad removed? Take a look at Arch Type computer keyboard with retractable keypad, maybe it can meet your expectations.

Arch Type Computer Keyboard with Retractable Keypad

Some keyboards allow us to configure multiple keys and complex macros, but if you want to completely change the layout of your keyboard, Optimus Popularis all-in-one computer keyboard should be more suitable for you.

Optimus Popularis All-In-One Computer Keyboard

Don’t like the hard virtual keyboard of your iPad? You can choose a Bluetooth keyboard like ZAGGkeys, or check TouchFire, maybe the top-screen keyboard can meet your requirements.

TouchFire Top-Screen Keyboard for iPad

Want to know which letters on your computer keyboard are used frequently? Check out these keyboard skyscrapers. You will find the answer.

Keyboard Skyscrapers Show You the Frequency of Each Letter

We’ve introduce a nice computer keyboard with iPhone dock, but if you want to type text into iPhone, the following WOW-keys keyboard should be more suitable.

WOW-Keys Keyboard for Computer, iPhone and iPod Touch

Have you been bored with your untidy computer desk? Don’t worry, we have many solutions to this problem such as Quirky The Space Bar integrated USB hub.

Quirky The Space Bar Integrated USB hub

We have many ways to organize our untidy computer desk. Here is another just we found. Let’s go on checking the computer keyboard integrated iPhone stand and USB hub if you have a problem docking your iPhone before computer.

Computer Keyboard Integrated iPhone Stand and USB Hub