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No doubt iPad is a great handheld gaming system along with numerous awesome games, but if you want a more comfortable gaming experience, Audojo iPad case with analog joysticks will help you.

Audojo iPad Case with Analog Joysticks

You can use a Bluetooth controller to play your favorite mobile games such as Free game controller, but if you want a more convenient way, SteelSeries’s Stick and Play game controller kit may be more suitable for you.

SteelSeries Stick and Play Game Controller Kit for Tablets

Remote Control Pac-Man and Ghost

November 8, 2012 | In: Toys

Pac-Man and Ghost appeared before us again, and it seems they have had new engines instead of old spring. If you’re curious, let’s go on checking remote control Pac-Man and Ghost.

Remote Control Pac-Man and Ghost

Sorry, you can’t use the joystick to enjoy your favorite arcade games, but if you want a unique way to turn on off off the light, the Power-Up arcade joystick light switch plate will help you.

Power-Up Arcade Joystick Light Switch Plate

No doubt, most of Diablo 3 players use mouse and keyboard to eliminate the Prime Evil. But if you prefer joystick, the following Diablo 3 arcade cabinet may draw your more attention.

Fan-made Diablo 3 Arcade Cabinet

You have been tired of pressing the WASD keys to control your game character? Of course, you can try a game controller, or you can also make your own joystick for computer keyboard.

Make Your Own Joystick for Computer Keyboard

You can play various exciting action game with your smartphone, but if you want to fully enjoy your favorite mobile games, maybe the following iStick mini joystick can meet your requirements.

iStick Mini Joystick for Smartphones

Want to fully enjoy various exciting fighting games with your friend on your computer? Apparently you need a pair of game controllers or the following X-Gaming USB joystick.

X-Gaming USB Joystick for Two Players