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The aluminum dock provides a simple and stylish way to charge and sync your iPhone 6. If it can match with your style, let’s go on checking the Trilogy iPhone 6 charging station.

Trilogy Charging Station with Sound Amplifier for iPhone 6

Integrated iPhone stand, built-in backup battery and SIM card box, if these features can draw your attention, let’s go on checking the following iStand 6 iPhone 6 case.

iStand 6 iPhone 6 Case with Backup Battery and Stand

Grovemade recently released its latest limited edition docking station series for iPhone. Need a stylish way to dock your iPhone on the desk? The iPhone dock may be suitable for you.

Grovemade Limited Edition Metal Docking Station for iPhone

Forget your sync and charging cable. Revocharge will bring you a more convenient wireless charging solution no matter inside or outside the home. Curious? Let’s go on checking the iPhone 5s case with wireless charging station and detachable backup battery.

Revocharge iPhone 5s Case with Wireless Charging Station and Detachable Battery Case

It’s not a flowerpot to grow your favorite plant, but a ceramic iPhone dock to hold your precious iPhone. Nice idea? Let’s go on checking the stoneware docking station.

The Handmade Stoneware iPhone Dock

You can connect a wireless speaker with your iPhone for music playback, but if you want an unplugged way to enhance audio, let’s go on checking the vintage audio amplifier for iPhone 5/5s.

The Vintage Aound Amplifier for iPhone 5/5s

We have seen a few nice wooden iPhone docks, but if you need an extra USB port for charging other devices, the following handmade docking station may be more suitable for you.

The Handmade iPhone Docking Station with An Extra USB Port

Sorry, you can’t use the NES game console to play those old-school video games, but if you want to enjoy your favorite music, the handmade NES iPhone dock speaker will help you.

The Handmade NES iPhone Dock Speaker