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It’s a folio protective case for iPhone 5/5s and features an incredible blend of aluminum and leather materials. If you like the unique design, let’s go on checking the Incipio’s Highland Folio iPhone 5s case.

Incipio Highland Folio iPhone 5s Case

Bike2Power recently released its latest ArmorGuard Bike kit for iPhone 5/5s. If you like cycling with your iPhone, you may like to check the iPhone 5s case and its bike mounting system.

Bike2Power ArmorGuard Bike Kit for iPhone 5/5s

Do you always forget to take your charging cable with you when you’re on the go? Need a handy solution? Take a look at Connect Flashcase iPhone 5s case. The protective case may help you.

The Connect Flashcase iPhone 5s Case

We have seen Clic Wooden protective case for iPhone 5/5s combined with natural wood and soft rubber, but if you prefer a blend of wood and metal, Native Union’s Clic Metal iPhone 5s case may be more suitable for you.

Native Union Clic Metal iPhone 5s Case

Solid structure, ergonomic design, Draco Ventare 2 aluminum iPhone 5s case has undoubtedly caught our eyes. If you also like its design, let’s go on checking the bumper-styled protective case.

Draco Ventare 2 Aluminum iPhone 5s Case

PowerSkin has released the Spare, its latest battery case for iPhone 5/5s. If you like its iPhone 5-styled design, let’s go on checking the iPhone 5s case with backup battery.

PowerSkin Spare Battery Case for iPhone 5/5s

It’s a combination of natural wood and durable polycarbonate. If you like the elegant design, let’s go on checking Recover’s Skateboard iPhone 5s case.

Recover Skateboard Wood iPhone 5s Case

Want to change your old plastic case for iPhone 5/5s with a new design? Take a look at Castello Davarg’s Kanam5w iPhone 5s case, it may meet your style.

Castello Davarg Kanam5w iPhone 5s Case