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iPhone 5/5s doesn’t feature a wide range of bright colors, but if you want, the Verus Thor iPhone 5s case may be able to catch your eyes.

Verus Thor iPhone 5s Case

Want a metal protective case to guard your precious iPhone 5/5s and don’t loss any signal? Take a look at AL13 v2, the aluminum iPhone 5s case may be a nice solution.

AL13 v2 Aluminum iPhone 5s Case without Signal Loss

Several manufacturers have released their customizable protective cases for iPhone 5/5s, but if you want to freely change design at any time, you may like to check Oaxis’s InkCase iPhone 5s case with an E-Paper display.

Oaxis InkCase iPhone 5s Case with an E-Paper Display

Some of us like ultra-slim iPhone 5 case, but how to extend the battery life of our iPhone 5/5s? Take a look at Jackery Leaf, the battery case may be a nice solution.

Jackery Leaf Battery Case for iPhone 5/5s

What kind of protective case for iPhone 5/5s is your favorite? If you like vintage design much better than modern style, the handmade sleeve styled iPhone 5s case may be able to draw your more attention.

The Handmade Sleeve Styled iPhone 5s Case

You’d better tell your wife not to throw the wood into the fireplace. It’s a docking station for your iPhone 5/5s or iPhone 4/4S. If you like eco-friendly design, let’s go on checking.

Driftwood iPhone Docking Station

Many leather cases feature elegant folio style, but if you prefer form-fitting design, the LIM’s Modern Classic Edition iPhone 5s case may be able to catch your eyes.

LIM Modern Classic Edition iPhone 5s Case

You’re looking for a combination of rugged construction and stylish design for your iPhone 5/5s? Then take a look at Bear Grylls’s Action iPhone 5s case, it may be suitable for you.

Bear Grylls Action iPhone 5s Case