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For those Super Mario fans who have owned iPhone 4, obviously this is good news. The maker of Goomba and Super Mushroom iPad cases released two iPhone 4 cases with the same theme.

Super Mario Goomba and Super Mushroom iPhone 4 Cases

Several month ago, we introduced a iPhone 4 sleeve with a pocket. But it’s unavailable. Now we’ve found an alternative felt sleeve doubled as a wallet.

Handmade iPhone 4 Sleeve Doubled as Wallet

What kind of iPhone sleeve is your favorite? Simple or complex? If you prefer simple style, let’s go on checking the following iPhone 4 leather sleeve.

Elegant iPhone 4 Leather Sleeve

Have you prepared a case or sleeve for your fresh iPhone 4? Still not? Perhaps you’d like to check the elegant iPhone 4 leather sleeve manufactured by More-Thing.

Genuine iPhone 4 Leather Sleeve by More-Thing

Do you like silicone case or soft felt sleeve? If you prefer the latter, the following handmade iPhone 4 sleeve should be more suitable for you.

Handmade iPhone 4 Sleeve with Slim Pocket