Tag: iPhone 4 skin

White iPhone 4 Skin

Tell your friends you have owned a white iPhone 4. They wouldn’t believe? Then show them your incredible iPhone 4 disguised by white iPhone 4 skin.

Rolleicord iPhone 4 Skin

Many of us didn’t use the popular retro camera Rolleicord. But if you want to, you can use the iPhone 4 skin to disguise your iPhone 4 as an …


Leica M8 iPhone 4 Skin

For us, a real Leica M8 digital rangefinder camera is too expensive, but fortunately, we can use the iPhone 4 skin to disguise iPhone 4 as Leica M8.

KARVT iPhone 4 Wooden Skins

How do you want to decorate your iPhone 4? Vinyl decal or natural wooden skin? If you choose the later, the KARVT iPhone 4 wooden skins may be suitable …