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Grove released a limited edition recycled skateboard iPhone 4 case last year. Now Grove has teamed up with MapleXO again, releasing SkateBack iPhone 4 cover. Want to make your iPhone 4 or 4S different? Let’s go on checking Grove SkateBack iPhone 4 cover.

Grove SkateBack iPhone 4 Cover

Hanji iPhone 4 Cover

April 26, 2012 | In: Apple Gadgets

You can use an iPhone wallet such as Solo Wallet to hold some items along with your iPhone 4. But if you don’t want to add too much bulk on your iPhone, the following hanji iPhone 4 cover may be more suitable for you.

Hanji iPhone 4 Cover

Exquisite patterns plus eco-friendly wooden structure, these handmade protective covers have caught our eyes. If you also like these handmade iPhone 4 covers, let’s go on checking.

Handmade Wooden iPhone 4 Covers

Have you remembered that eco-friendly iPhone 4 case? Now Bioserie has released another eco-friendly case series: Printed iPhone 4 cover.

Bioserie Eco-Friendly Printed iPhone 4 Case

Many readers are watching the aluminum iPhone 4 wrap and cover, but the set has disappeared, fortunately another stronger set of iPhone 4 metal cover and wrap has been coming.

iGlowPhone iPhone 4 Metal Protective Cover and Wrap

You like Japanese food? Then, dress up your iPhone 4 or 3G(S) as a Yakisoba with the amusing iMeshi iPhone cover.

iMeshi Japanese Food iPhone Cover

All innovative gadgets will be dressed up in the stunning Swarovski crystals. Apparently this is why it’s called CrystalRoc. Now it’s turn of iPhone 4.

Swarovski Crystals iPhone 4 Cover by CrystalRoc