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The Expose Smart will add up to 130 lumens of brightness to your iPhone for shooting in low light conditions. Of course, it’s not the only feature of the LED flash for iPhone. Curious? Let’s go on checking.

Knog Expose Smart LED Flash for iPhone

Apparently the keychain not only can put your keys together. If you also need a handy portable charger, the solar power bank keychain may be a nice solution.

The Solar Power Bank Keychain for iPhone

What kind of protective case is more suitable for a student or learner? Take a look at Leatherback Writer 2, the folio phone case may be a nice option.

Leatherback Writer 2 Folio Phone Case

We have introduced several nice Bluetooth-enabled remote shutters for smartphone, but if you want a no-Bluetooth option, the wireless selfie iPhone camera remote shutter may be more suitable for you.

The Wireless Selfie iPhone Camera Remote Shutter

You’d better tell your wife not to throw the wood into the fireplace. It’s a docking station for your iPhone 5/5s or iPhone 4/4S. If you like eco-friendly design, let’s go on checking.

Driftwood iPhone Docking Station

Don’t want a docking station to take up too much space on your desk? Then BlueFlame’s The Station wall charging station may be more suitable for you.

BlueFlame The Station Charging Station for iPhone and iPod Touch

Sorry, you can’t use the NES game console to play those old-school video games, but if you want to enjoy your favorite music, the handmade NES iPhone dock speaker will help you.

The Handmade NES iPhone Dock Speaker

Want to make a pile of iPhone styled cookies at home? You may need some gadgets to help you such as the following i-cookie cutter.

i-Cookie Cutter for iPhone Styled Cookies