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Lunatik has also released its protective case for iPad mini – Flak Jacket. If you need an on-the-go protection, the iPad mini case may be able to catch your eyes.

Lunatik Flak Jacket iPad Mini Case

You have been tired of those black protective cases? Want to add some colors on your iPad mini? Take a look at STM’s Studio Retina iPad mini case, it may be suitable for you.

STM Studio Retina iPad Mini Case

Are you looking for a reliable and versatile protective case for your Retina iPad mini? Take a look at Belkin’s APEX360 Advanced iPad mini case, it may be able to catch your eyes.

Belkin APEX360 Adanced iPad Mini Case

Gumdrop has applied the versatile design on their protective case for iPad mini, and releasing Hideaway iPad mini case. If you like the combination of rugged construction and integrated stand, let’s go on checking.

Gumdrop Hideaway iPad Mini Case

Need a simple way to charge your iPad or a hands-free way to enjoy various apps on your iPad? Take a look at iPort iPad docking station, it may be able to catch your eyes.

iPort Docking Station for iPad

In addition to Variosc iPad Air case, ZeroChrome also announced a new Retina iPad mini case – Folio-Slide. If you need a simple and practical protective case for your iPad mini, let’s go on checking.

ZeroChrome Folio-Slide Retina iPad Mini Case

Need a minimal and stylish way to hold your iPad mini on your desktop? Take a look at Ten One Design’s Magnus Mini, the iPad mini stand may be able to catch your eyes.

Ten One Design Magnus Mini iPad Mini Stand

Element Case also released another version of Soft-Tec Pro Wallet for iPad mini. If you like this kind of modern design, let’s go on checking the iPad mini case.

Element Case Soft-Tec Pro Wallet iPad Mini Case