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Angel and Devil iPad Cases

October 24, 2010 | In: Apple Gadgets

Do you want to turn your iPad into angel or devil? No matter which one, the two silicone iPad cases can help you achieve it.

Angel and Devil iPad Cases

We’ve introduced several iPad cases attached to Bluetooth keyboards since May. Now a new one comes out: Toccata iPad Case.

PADACS Toccata iPad Case Integrated Bluetooth Keyboard

It seems the Super Mushroom and Goomba from Super Mario series also loves Apple iPad. So they decided to turn into iPad cases in order to stay with their favorite gadget.

Super Mario Goomba and Super Mushroom iPad Cases

Speck SeeThru iPad Case

August 9, 2010 | In: Apple Gadgets

Speck always can bring us some little surprises. Although SeeThru is their traditional product, yet from the SeeThru iPad case we’ve seen many new features.

Speck SeeThru iPad Case

Like those unique tattoo patterns from Ed Hardy? Now the Ed Hardy iPad cases have brought the tattoos on iPad. How many patterns are used on the cases? Let’s go on.

Ed Hardy iPad Cases Presenting Unique Tattoo Patterns

iSkin Duo iPad Case

July 12, 2010 | In: Apple Gadgets

Apparently it’s not the first time we introduced iSkin gadgets such as their iPhone case. iSkin recently released two iPad cases, now let’s check one of them: iSkin Duo iPad case.

iSkin Duo iPad Case

Undoubtedly iBallz is a specific protective accessory designed for your precious Apple iPad. Of course, we think that that would be better if the iPad protector can collaborate with some slim iPad cases.

iBallz Ball-Shaped iPad Protector

Apparently Gucci, the famous luxury brand wouldn’t like to fall behind. Now Gucci unveiled its latest iPad case, following Louis Vuitton.

Gucci iPad Case