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Want to fully protect your precious new iPad when you’re on the go? In addition to a one-piece protective case, maybe you also need a practical iPad sleeve such as X-Doria’s Sleeve Stand.

X-Doria Sleeve Stand iPad Sleeve

Recently Griffin released AirStrap Med, a healthcare environment-friendly protective case for iPad 2 and iPad 3. If you’re curious, let’s go on checking the unique iPad case.

Griffin AirStrap Med iPad 3 Case

The protective case not only protects your iPad, but also perhaps protects yourself in some dangerous situations. If you’re curious, let’s go on checking Launch Pad Mil-Spec bulletproof iPad sleeve.

Launch Pad Mil-Spec Bulletproof iPad Sleeve

We have featured an iPad 3 case with solar powered backup battery and an iPad 2 case with integrated speakers. Now the two ideas have been integrated into SolaPad iPad case.

SolarPad iPad Case with Solar Powered Backup Battery and Speakers

Need an elegant, slim-designed protective case to securely hold your new iPad on the go? Take a look at Bowden and Sheffield, the two iPad cases may be able to catch your eyes.

Bowden and Sheffield iPad 3 Cases

Moleskine recently released a new protective case series for various mobile devices. If you just need a case for your new iPad or similar tablets, let’s go on checking Moleskine Digital Tablet Shell case.

Moleskine Digital Tablet Shell Protective Case for iPad and Smilar Tablets

We have introduced many useful protective cases that can help you securely hold your original iPad or iPad 2. But if you’re a senior computer geek, the handmade floppy disk styled iPad case may be more suitable for you.

Handmade Floppy Disk Styled iPad Case

We still remember those impressive Angry Birds iPad 2 cases. But we have never seen a hardshell bird, so maybe the felt iPad case is more suitable for Angry Birds.

Angry Birds Felt iPad Case