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HEX Gear Backpack

HEX has released Gear Bag, its latest versatile backpack. If you need a bag to hold your numerous devices, Gear Bag may be able to catch your eyes.

HEX Axis Wallet iPhone 5 Case

You have pre-ordered the upcoming iPhone 5? Also don’t forget to prepare a nice protective case for the precious iDevice such as HEX’s Axis wallet iPhone 5 case.


HEX Code Folio The New iPad Case

Many manufactures released their new protective cases for the new iPad in the first time also including HEX. If you’re curious, let’s go on checking HEX Code Folio the …

Hex Solo Wallet iPhone 4S Case

Several months ago Hex released a folio iPhone wallet. But if you prefer one-piece protective case, Hex’s latest Solo Wallet iPhone 4S case may be more suitable for you.