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We have introduced several practical protective cases with card slots for iPhone 5, but if you want more functions, the Cling iPhone 5 case may be more suitable for you.

The Cling iPhone 5 Case with Headphone Cord Organizer

We’re not sure whether the protective case is easy to carry, but if you like the cute design and multiple functions, the Leesedesign’s Whale Lee iPhone 5 case may be able to catch your eyes.

Leesedesign Whale Lee iPhone 5 Case

We introduced a versatile iPhone charging cable called Twig, but the following Twig is a nice headphone cord organizer. Want to prevent your headphones from getting tangled? Let’s go on checking.

The Twig Headphone Cord Organizer

Want a fun way to organize your headphone cord? Why not to try to disguise your smartphone as your favorite animal with Line Tail headphone cord organizer.

Line Tail Headphone Cord Organizer

You have been tired of tangled headphone cords in your pocket? Of course, you can use an extra cord organizer, or the following CordCruncher tangle free headphones.

CordCruncher Tangle Free Headphones

Want to take off your earbuds from your ears for a rest, but don’t want to put the tangled cords into your pockets? Take a look at Props, maybe the minimalistic headphone cord organizer can meet your requirements.

Props Headphone Cord Organizer

We have introduced a few nice headphone cord organizers, while the latest finding is the following Wrap’It headphone cord organizer. If you’re also curious, let’s go on checking.

Wrap'It Headphone Cord Organizer

You’ve been tired of the tangled headphone cord wrapped around your iPhone, Android phone or MP3 player? Check out Sinch, maybe the headphone cord organizer can bring you a perfect solution.

Sinch Headphone Cord Organizer