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No doubt, there are three famous video game series. If you have spent lots of time on the games, you may like to put the video game inspired poster set on the wall in your room.

The Video Game Inspired Poster Set

We have featured a few interesting video game themed lamps, but if you’re a big fan of Halo video game series, the following Halo Energy Sword table lamp should be able to draw your more attention.

Halo Energy Sword Table Lamp

Have you remembered that awesome life-size Halo sniper rifle built with LEGO bricks? Now the skillful LEGO artist has brought us another life-size Halo weapon LEGO creation: Halo: Reach M45 Tactical Shotgun.

Halo: Reach M45 Tactical Shotgun Built with LEGO Bricks

The latest Halo 4 will be released sometime next year. So for those faithful Halo fans, they have enough time to build their incredible Halo themed creations such as the life-sized Halo sniper rifle built with LEGO bricks.

Life-Sized Halo Sniper Rifle Built with LEGO Bricks

What are you interested in about Microsoft at E3 Expo 2011? Kinect Star Wars and Mass Effects 3, upcoming Gears of War 3 or Helo 4? If you prefer the later, let’s go on checking.

Halo 4 Will be Back with Master Chief in 2012

Have you remembered that fully detailed LEGO Master Chief helmet? Apparently, the maker wasn’t satisfied with just one hamlet. Now a entire set of LEGO Halo Master Chief costume has been unveiled.

Halo Master Chief Costume Built up with LEGO Bricks

Every Halo fans, please put your playing Halo Reach down a second. We believe you wouldn’t ignore these cute Halo Minimates series 1 action figures.

Exclusive Halo Minimates Series 1 Action Figures

Don’t think it’s just a life-size model of Master Chief helmet made of LEGO bricks. Once you wear it, plus a costume, you will become a real Master Chief.

Life-Size Wearable LEGO Halo Master Chief Helmet by Ben Caulkins