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We featured awesome Superhero Kids illustration series by Andy Fairhurst. Now the talented artist has released new Geek Kids series, and all the art prints have been available.

Geek Kids Art Prints

From A to X, all letters show off those iconic characters in a cartoonish style. Like the idea? Let’s take a look at the pretty cool geek alphabet illustrations inspired by pop cultures.

Pretty Cool Geek Alphabet Illustrations Inspired by Pop Culture

How to show your love to the classical Famicom game console and those old school video games? Check out the Famicom D-pad styled silver ring, it should be a good idea.

Famicom D-Pad Styled Silver Ring

You’re a fanatic computer geek, and want something to decor your precious computer? Check out Gold Key $4, maybe the gold jewel designed for computer keyboard can meet your requirements.

A Jewel Gold Key $4 for Your Computer Keyboard

We are not sure whether Mario Bros would like the piranha plant cupcake, but no doubt, the colorful geek cupcake has caught our eyes.

Mario Bros Like Piranha Plant Cupcake?

For senior computer geeks, a hackable, open source digital clock apparently is much better than a normal wall clock. If you’re one of them, the following DOTKLOK should be suitable for you.

DOTKLOK Hackable Open Source Digital Clock

What is computer geek? That may mean someone’s feet also want to experience the feeling of touching keyboard, then the Kito computer keyboard shaped slippers should be a suitable gadget.

Kito Computer Keyboard Shaped Slippers

Apparently it’s the right time to introduce the tiny USB flash drive name Memo Ring. Your geek girlfriend will be glad to get the ring with your special content on Valentine’s Day.

Memo Ring USB Flash Drive for Your Geek Girlfriend