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Want to play those classic video games on the go? Take a look at A380 Pocket Retro Game Emulator, the handheld game console may be able to meet your requirements.

A380 Pocket Retro Game Emulator

NVIDIA has announced its latest handheld game console: Project SHIELD. If you want to more freely enjoy your favorite Android and PC games, the handheld gaming system should be a nice solution.

NVIDIA Project Shield Handheld Game Console

We have featured many nice Android powered TV boxes for entertaining and gaming, but if you want a more comfortable gaming experience, the GameStick Android portable TV game console may be more suitable for you.

GameStick Android Portable TV Game Console

Your kids like playing their favorite mobile games with your smartphone? If you don’t wish your smartphone turns into a handheld game console, MG the Android based portable gaming system should be able to help you.

MG The Android Based Portable Gaming System

You still keep those retro NES/ SNES cartridges? If you want to enjoy those old-school 8-bit video games but lack a NES or SNES game console, the following retro duo portable gaming system will help you.

Retro Duo Portable Gaming System for Your Old Nintendo NES/ SNES Games