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We have featured many nice Bluetooth gamepads for iOS devices, but if you use Samsung Galaxy S4, the following GAM.r S USB OTG game controller may be more suitable for you.

GAM.r S USB OTG Game Controller for Galaxy S4

We have featured several retro game controllers, but if you like pixel art, the following pixelated USB game controller may be able to draw your more attention.

Pixelated USB Game Controller

We have introduced many nice wireless keyboards for mobile devices, but if you also need a gamepad for gaming, the following iPega 2-in-1 bluetooth keyboard with game controller may be more suitable for you.

iPega 2-in-1 Bluetooth Keyboard with Game Controller

Need a precise and convenient way to play various mobile games on your smartphone or tablet? Apparently you need a Bluetooth game controller or take a look the following Invisible gamepad.

The Invisible Gamepad for Mobile Games

We have introduced many professional gaming mice, but if you want to use your mouse as a gamepad or remote control, the following Ego! Smartmouse wireless mouse may be more suitable for you.

Ego! Smartmouse Wireless Mouse

Want to enjoy exciting Android games or need a backup battery to charge your Android phone? Take a look at XOPAD, the open source USB game controller should be a nice solution.

XOPAD Open Source USB Game Controller for Android Phones

Want to comfortably play various exciting games using your iPhone, iPad, Android device or PC? Take a look at PhoneJoy Play, the wireless game controller should be a nice solution.

PhotoJoy Play Game Conteoller for Android, iOS and PC

Recently Gameloft and Duo Games jointly announced a new game controller for iOS devices. If you want to more comfortably enjoy your favorite iOS games, let’s go on checking.

Duo Gamer Game Controller for iOS Devices