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NES Controller USB Hub

July 20, 2012 | In: USB Gadgets

You can’t use the retro NES controller to enjoy those classic video games. But if you want to connect other USB gadgets with your computer, the NES controller USB hub will help you.

NES Controller USB Hub

Want to comfortably enjoy your favorite mobile games on your iOS devices? Take a look at iMpulse, maybe the portable wireless game controller can meet your requirements.

iMpulse Portable Wireless Game Controller for iOS Devices

You can use an Android TV adapter to turn your HDTV into a smart TV for your favorite mobile games and movies. But if you’re a big fan of video games, OUYA video game console powered by Android may be more suitable for you.

OUYA Video Game Console Powered by Android

No doubt touchscreen brings us a brand-new, intuitive gaming experience, but if you want more convenient control method, the following Ringbow game controller should be a nice solution.

Ringbow Game Controller for Smartphones and Tablets

In addition to Star Wars iPhone 4 cases, PowerA recently also unveiled MOGA, a new wireless game controller for Android devices. If you’re curious, let’s go on checking.

PowerA MOGA Wireless Game Controller for Android Devices

At E3 Nyko and NVIDIA announced a new wireless game controller for Android devices: PlayPad. If you want to fully enjoy your favorite mobile games on your Android tablet or smartphone, let’s go on checking.

Nyko PalyPad Game Controller for Android Devices

You can enjoy those fast-paced action games on your computer with a game controller, but if you also want more precise shoots, the following PC game controller with trackball should be able to draw your more attention.

The PC Game Controller with Trackball

It seems primitive people had had chance to enjoy some awesome games in their caves. Don’t believe? These retro gadgets inspired modern fossils may be a nice evidence.

Retro Gadgets Inspired Modern Fossils