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Just yesterday Sony announced its next-generation game console: PlayStation 4. The game console will be released in the holiday season this year. If you’re curious, let’s go on checking what fresh features have been packed in PlayStation 4.

Sony PlayStation 4 Game Console Announced

Sorry you can’t use the retro game controller to play those classic video games, but if you want to charge your iPhone 5, the Atari 2600 controller iPhone dock will help you.

Atari 2600 Controller iPhone Dock

Want to enjoy exciting Android games or need a backup battery to charge your Android phone? Take a look at XOPAD, the open source USB game controller should be a nice solution.

XOPAD Open Source USB Game Controller for Android Phones

Don’t want your fat thumbs to block the epic battle that happens in your smartphone? Take a look at iPega, the Bluetooth wireless game controller may be able to meet your requirements.

iPega Bluetooth Wireless Game Controller for Smartphones

No doubt iPhone 5 features powerful functioning to run various awesome mobile games. If you want a more tactile gaming experience, iFrogz’s Caliber Advantage iPhone 5 case with game controller will be a nice solution.

iFrogz Caliber Advantage iPhone 5 Case with Game Controller

We have featured many nice game controllers for Android phones and tablets, but if you like to do something by yourself, the following Game Boy game controller may be able to draw your more attention.

Game Boy Game Controller for Android

Need a more comfortable way to enjoy your favorite mobile games on Android and iOS devices? Take a look at iDroid, the Bluetooth game controller may be able to meet your requirements.

iDroid Bluetooth Game Controller for iOS and Android

You can use a Bluetooth controller to play your favorite mobile games such as Free game controller, but if you want a more convenient way, SteelSeries’s Stick and Play game controller kit may be more suitable for you.

SteelSeries Stick and Play Game Controller Kit for Tablets