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Need a more tactile way to enjoy your favorite mobile games via your smartphone? If you like making something by yourself, the Bluetooth game pad modified Game Boy may be able to draw your more attention.

The Bluetooth Game Pad Modified from Game Boy

We have featured many nice game controllers for Android phones and tablets, but if you like to do something by yourself, the following Game Boy game controller may be able to draw your more attention.

Game Boy Game Controller for Android

Apparently not everyone needs a Game Boy styled iPad 2 smart cover, so if you like classic Game Boy, and want the design to apply on other products, the Game Boy styled zippered pouch may be more suitable for you.

Game Boy Styled Zippered Pouch

Following Game Boy styled iPad 2 case, LOOTIFUL released its latest Game Boy styled iPad 2 Smart Cover: ‘World4′ iPWN!. If you’re looking for a unique smart cover for your iPad 2, let’s go on checking.

World4 iPWN! Game Boy iPad 2 Smart Cover

Do you remember that interesting Game Boy styled iPhone 4 case? Now iPWN! has announced its Game Boy iPad 2 case will be available soon.

iPWN! Game Boy iPad 2 Case

Which kind of Nintendo Game Boy do you prefer, monochrome Game Boy or Game Boy Color. If you choice the later, you should also like the following iPhone 4 decal.

Nintendo Game Boy Color iPhone 4 Decal

We’ve introduced two iPhone 4 skins and a homemade iPhone 4 case themed by GameBoy, now a new Game Boy iPhone 4 case has been available.

iPWN Game Boy iPhone 4 Case

Many iPhone 4 owners hasn’t been contented with a single wrap. Perhaps they prefer to turn iPhone 4 into another gadget just like what the Nintendo Game Boy iPhone 4 skin is doing.

Nintendo Game Boy iPhone 4 Skin