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We always find out various freak gadgets that come from Japan, while the latest finding is the brain controlled cat ears: necomimi.

Necomimi Brain-Controlled Cat Ears

You forgot to close the fridge door again? Don’t worry, the cute gadget named Fridgeezoo Friends should be able to help you.

Cute Fridge Companions Fridgeezoo Friends

No doubt, the gadget is totally not for your papa loving drinking. However, the Papa Bert WineRack Flask-Bra is definitely suitable for your girlfriend.

Papa Bert WineRack Flask-Bra Not for Your Papa

Undoubtedly the plunger iPad stand proves plunger isn’t only used in toilet. So not surprisingly, the plunger doubles as a hanger.

Alteruse: Plunger Hanger

AC Adapter Rangers Doubled as Cable Organizer

July 22, 2010 | In: Uncategorized

We believe you still remember the impressive light pool cell phone. Now we found another fun and useful gadget AC Adapter Rangers from iida.

AC Adapter Rangers Doubled as Cable Organizer

OMG, there are many cracks on the iPad back cover. How did you break it? A hammer? No, using the iPad decal.

Break Your iPad with the iPad Decal

What’s this? Apparently you hardly imagine the gadget is an iPhone stand if you just see it alone. But it’s true, it’s not a mini toilet plunger.

iPLUNGE Plunger Shaped iPhone Stand

Using iPad, we can surf the Internet, watch ebooks, play games, and plenty of fun things. But iPadDummy can do anything iPad can’t do, such as throwing it out as a Frisbee or putting it heavily on someone’s shoulder.

iPadDummy does anything iPad can't do