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Want to add some fun for your data transmission? if you like riding your scooter, the following scooter USB flash drive may draw your attention.

The Scooter USB Flash Drive

PNY has announced its latest brand licensing partnership with LEGO to release LEGO USB flash drive. Want to turn your USB drive into an amazing LEGO creation? Let go on checking.

PNY LEGO USB Flash Drive

Functionality and artistry have been integrated into the pendant. If you also like steampunk, the following handmade mini steampunk USB flash drive pendant may draw your attention.

The Handmade Mini Steampunk USB Flash Drive Pendant

Transcend recently released its latest MacBook expansion card series for MacBook. If you need a handy way to expansion your MacBook’s storage, the JetDrive Lite SD card may suit for you.

Transcend JetDrive Lite SD Card for MacBook

Sorry, the shield is not made from vibranium and adamantium compound and can’t be used to defeat any supervillain, but if you need to store data, the Captain America 2 OTG USB flash drive will be a pretty cool solution.

The Captain America 2 OTG USB Flash Drive

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has released globally. Like the fresh superhero film? Then the Spider-Man inspired USB flash drive may also catch your eyes.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 USB Flash Drive

The robot wants to help you store your digital files. Would you like to leave the task to him? Let’s go on checking the robot watch USB flash drive.

Robot Watch USB Flash Drive

Apparently the mini desk can’t be used as a normal desk, but if you need a fun way to store your digital files, the desk shaped USB flash drive may be a nice option.

The Desk Shaped USB Flash Drive