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You can find out many self-cleaning aquariums in the market, but you also want to grow plants, the following Aquaponics Garden fish tank should be more suitable for you.

Aquaponics Garden Self-Cleaning Fish Tank

Thanko USB Fish Tank

November 8, 2011 | In: House Life, USB Gadgets

No doubt, adding some natural atmosphere around you is always a great idea. So if you want several fishes beside you, the Thanko’s USB fish tank should be able to meet your requirements.

Thanko USB Fish Tank

Most of Apple fans recognize iMac G3: the first model of the iMac line, while the following iMac G3 is just a fish tank to hold your colored fishes, but apparently iMacquarium fish tank is a perfect gadget for Apple fans.

iMacquarium Fish Tank Built with iMac G3

We have many ways to close to the nature, but if you have no much time, putting a creative fish tank with two swimming golden fishes in your room should be a nice idea such as the following Fishscape fish tank.

Fishscape Fish Tank

You’re a computer geek who always faces your ultimate computer? but you also need to get in touch with nature. If you have no time, some plants and fishes beside computer should be a nice idea, so let’s go on checking Modular Fish Hotel aquarium.

Modular Fish Hotel Aquarium


What did you do with your idle CRT display? Throw it into the trash? That sounds good, but you have another better way to use it, turn into an unique fish tank.