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Doctor Who Monopoly

November 28, 2012 | In: Toys

Doctor Who finally brought his influence onto the classic board game. If you want to recall those iconic episodes of Doctor Who on your desk, the Doctor Who Monopoly should be a nice idea.

Doctor Who Monopoly

Don’t worry, the TARDIS won’t take your food to unknown space or time. But if you want to keep your food fresh or heat your food, the Doctor Who TARDIS mini fridge will help you.

Doctor Who TARDIS Shaped Mini Fridge

Doctor Who TARDIS has teamed up with Dalek and had a plan to help you make delicious food. If you’re curious, let’s go on checking the pair of salt and pepper shakers.

Doctor Who TARDIS and Dalek Salt & Pepper Shakers

Apparently that TARDIS night light can’t provide you sufficient lighting for reading, but if you want, the following Doctor Who TARDIS table lamp should be able to help you.

The Doctor Who TARDIS Table Lamp

Don’t worry, the TARDIS can’t take you to an unknown time or space. But if you want a night light to light up your bedroom, the Doctor Who TARDIS will help you.

The Doctor Who TARDIS Night Light

We have featured a handmade TARDIS teapot, but if you want a more affordable option, the following Doctor Who TARDIS teapot may be more suitable for you.

Doctor Who TARDIS Teapot

Apparently Doctor Who can’t use the small-sized TARDIS to have a time travel, but if you want a trash can to hold those waste, the special TARDIS will help you.

The Doctor Who TARDIS Trash Can

Doctor Who USB Dalek

August 23, 2012 | In: Toys, USB Gadgets

Don’t worry, the cyborg from the universe of Doctor Who just wants to protect your desk instead of exterminating it. Nice idea? Let’s go on checking the USB Dalek desk defender.

Doctor Who USB Dalek