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We have featured several Doctor Who inspired drink coasters, but if you need a more solid option, the following Doctor Who steel coaster set may be able to draw your more attention.

The Doctor Who Inspired Steel Coaster Set

Do you want to know how Doctor Who, Dalek and other main characters spent their childhood in the universe of Doctor Who? Take a look at Baby Doctor Who art print set, it sound be a nice answer.

The Baby Doctor Who Art Print Set

Don’t worry, the time machine won’t bring you into unknown universe, but if you want to keep your head warm in winter, the Doctor Who TARDIS knitted hat will help you.

Doctor Who TARDIS Knitted Hat

You can find out many nice Doctor Who themed gadgets at our blog, but as a big fan of Doctor Who you may have some greater ideas such as turning your room into a TARDIS, then let’s go on checking the TARDIS door cling.

The Doctor Who TARDIS Door Cling

It’s time to make some frozen TARDIS and Dalek, of course, you just use them to chill your favorite beverage instead of taking you to unknown space or exterminating anything. Let’s go on checking the Doctor Who themed ice cube tray.

Doctor Who Themed Ice Cube Tray

Doctor Who Dalek Inflatable

July 11, 2013 | In: Toys

The red Dalek needs your help. Could you fill air into the giant alien? If you’re curious, let’s go on checking the Doctor Who Dalek inflatable.

Doctor Who Dalek Inflatable

Don’t worry about the TARDIS taking your money to unknown space. If you need a special way to save your coins, the Doctor Who TARDIS talking money bank may be able to draw your attention.

Doctor Who TARDIS Talking Money Bank

Don’t worry, the red Dalek just wants to save your coins instead of destroying your desk. If you’re curious, let’s go on checking the Doctor Who Dalek talking money bank.

Doctor Who Dalek Talking Money Bank