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Don’t worry, the tiny TARDIS won’t take you to unknown space or time when you lights up your MacBook, but if you want your MacBook to look like coming from the time machine, the vinyl sticker may be a nice idea.

Doctor Who TARDIS Vinyl Sticker for MacBook

Don’t worry, the Dalek won’t destroy your room if you turn it on at night. It just wants to shed some light for you. Curious? Let’s go on checking the Doctor Who Dalek night light.

Doctor Who Dalek Night Light

The mini time machine can’t take you to unknown space, but it will bring you a pretty cool way to hold your essentials. Nice idea? Let’s go on checking the Doctor Who TARDIS die cut backpack.

Doctor Who TARDIS Die Cut Backpack

Want to make a great combination of your favorite Doctor Who and cookies? Take a look at the Doctor Who cookie cutter set, it should be a perfect solution.

Official Licensed Doctor Who Cookie Cutter Set

Don’t worry, the TARDIS doesn’t bring you to unknown space when you lay on it, and it allows you to enjoy a sunbath. That sounds great? Let’s go on checking the Doctor Who TARDIS beach towel.

Doctor Who TARDIS Beach Towel

Did you dream of driving TARDIS to mysterious space and time? Never? Then you may need a Doctor Who TARDIS throw blanket when you’re sleep.

Doctor Who TARDIS Throw Blanket

Sorry, the TARDIS won’t take you into a mysterious known space or time, but you can use it to store your favorite snack. Nice idea? Let’s go on checking the Doctor Who TARDIS cookie tin.

Doctor Who TARDIS Cookie Tin

The flap TARDIS looks obviously a bit simple. Of course, it’s not a necessary part of your great time travel, but if you need a cool way to make your smartphone upright for viewing, the Doctor Who TARDIS iPhone stand may catch your eyes.

Doctor Who TARDIS iPhone Stand