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The Bamboo Charging Station with an Integrated Apple Watch Stand

Using four custom slots and an integrated Apple Watch stand, the bamboo charging station is able to charge your multiple mobile devices at the same time. Like the versatile design? Let’s keep going.

Bamboo Charging Station with Integrated Apple Watch Stand


The 3D Printed Dock Turns Your iPod Nano into a Classic Macintosh

The 3D printed iPod dock not only charges your iPod nano 6G, but also turns the machine into a Classic Macintosh. Cool? Let’s go on for the docking station.

The 3D Printed iPod Nano Dock Inspired by Classic Macintosh


Griffin PowerDock Pro USB Charging Station Charges up to 5 Devices

Griffin has released their powerful USB charging station – PowerDock Pro. With its five slots, the USB charger is able to keep up to 5 devices in place and charge them at the same time.

Griffin PowerDock Pro USB Charging Station


Incipio Mini USB-C Docking Station for MacBook

Incipio has also unveiled their first USB-C docking station for MacBook that helps you add more ports to your new MacBook with USB-C port, and compact design makes it easy to carry with you anywhere.

Incipio Mini USB-C Docking Station


The Handmade Wall Organizer Keeps Your Accessories Easily Accessible

With integrated wall shelf and docking station, the handmade wall organizer keeps your accessories easily accessible, and wooden materials allow it to blend well with your furniture.

The Handmade Wall Organizer with Docking Station


Trio Aluminum Charging Station for Smartphones, Tablets and Smartwatches

Using three modular units, the Trio aluminum charging station is capable to simultaneously charge your smartphone, tablet and smartwatch, or you can also deploy them individually for flexible charging.

Trio Modular Aluminum Charging Station Supports Various Smartphones, Tablets and Smartwatches


Handmade Bamboo Docking Station for New Apple TV

You have owned Apple’s latest Apple TV with Siri remote? Then you may also want a more stylish and elegant way to display the high-tech product next to your HDTV. like the idea? Let’s keep going for the handmade bamboo docking station.

Handmade Bamboo New Apple TV Docking Station



NuDock Mini App-Enabled Charging Station for iPhone, Apple Watch, MacBook and More

With integrated iPhone dock, optional Apple Watch stand and USB ports, the NuDock Mini is able to change your iPhone, smartwatch, new MacBook and other mobile devices, and integrated app-enabled LED light works as a perfect mood light.

NuDock Mini App-Enabled Charging Station with Integrated LED Lamp